Steps to upgrade Java version in Weblogic 12.2 0 (0)

Steps to Upgrade Java version in Weblogic 12.2 In this article, we are going to perform a change Java version in Weblogic 12.2. There are 2 methods to change Java versions in Weblogic 12c. 1. Installed JAVA tar file in a new location and changed JAVA version/location in all respected scripts. 2. Best and simple […]

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De-installation of WebLogic 12.2 5 (1)

De-installation of WebLogic 12.2 We are decommissioning one of our Linux server, that server contains WebLogic instance, so as part of decommission we decided to de- installation WebLogic instance.Below are the steps that we have to follow to de install Weblogic. Step1:- Stop Node manager and WebLogic services. Step2 :- Go to <MW_HOME>\oui\bin and execute de […]

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Steps by steps WebLogic configuration 5 (1)

What is Weblogic ? • Is a Application Server: Java EE compliant• Used in Fusion Apps , OEM 13c• 12c version supports MT (multi tenancy) • Create stage and MW_home(Middle ware) directory • Create Oracle Group • Create Oracle User • Edit Oracle user .bashprofile GUI installed VNC • Installed VNC server • Steps to […]

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Step by Step Weblogic Patching steps 4.7 (19)

Below are step by step demonstration about apply patch in weblogic. Create Directory PATCH (Its optional) Go to patch directory Copy weblogic patch from /tmp Check opatch version Go to patch directory Unzip patch Stop weblogic process Stopped nodemanager and weblogic process List current opatch inventory Go to patch directory and first upgrade opatch version […]

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