Steps to upgrade Java version in Weblogic 12.2 0 (0)

Steps to Upgrade Java version in Weblogic 12.2 In this article, we are going to perform a change Java version in Weblogic 12.2. There are 2 methods to change Java versions in Weblogic 12c. 1. Installed JAVA tar file in a new location and changed JAVA version/location in all respected scripts. 2. Best and simple […]

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De-installation of WebLogic 12.2 5 (1)

De-installation of WebLogic 12.2 We are decommissioning one of our Linux server, that server contains WebLogic instance, so as part of decommission we decided to de- installation WebLogic instance.Below are the steps that we have to follow to de install Weblogic. Step1:- Stop Node manager and WebLogic services. Step2 :- Go to <MW_HOME>\oui\bin and execute de […]

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Steps by step WebLogic configuration 5 (2)

Steps by step WebLogic configuration What is Weblogic? • Is an application Server: Java EE compliant• Used in Fusion Apps, OEM 13c• 12c version supports MT (multi-tenancy) • Create stage and MW_home(Middleware) directory • Create Oracle Group • Create Oracle User • Edit Oracle user .bashprofile GUI installed VNC • Installed VNC server • Steps […]

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Step by Step Weblogic Patching steps 4.7 (20)

Below are step-by-step demonstrations about the apply patches in Weblogic. Create Directory PATCH (It’s optional) Go to the patch directory. Copy Weblogic patch from /tmp. Check opatch version. Go to the patch directory. Unzip patch. Stop the Weblogic process. Stopped nodemanager and weblogic process. List current opatch inventory. Go to patch directory and first upgrade […]

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