Oracle Database Appliance Odacli & Odaadmcli Command reference

Oracle Database Appliance Odacli & Odaadmcli Command reference

In this blog, we will demonstrate several different usages of odacli, odaadmcli & virsh commands along with some commands output that can be used to administer and manage your Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) with KVM residing in your ODA.

: It is used for everyday tasks on the Oracle Database Appliance. Example: Database Creation, Patches and upgrades, Job creation and management, and so on

: It is used for Hardware and administrative tasks on the Oracle Database Appliance, Example: Hardware monitoring and Storage Configuration

: It is used for everyday tasks on the Virtual Machine running inside ODA, Example: Start, Stop, and Monitoring.


odacli list-jobs
odacli list-dbstorages
odacli list-dgstorages
odacli list-databases
odacli list-cpucores
odacli list-dbhomes
odacli list-networks
odacli list-networkinterfaces

odacli describe-component
odacli describe-dbstorage -i <id>
odacli describe-dbhome -i <id>
odacli describe-prepatchreport -i <id>
odacli describe-networkinterface -i <id>

odacli create-prepatchreport -s -v
odacli create-dbstorage -r ACFS -n TESTDB -u TESTDB
odacli create-database -n testdb -no-c -m Test_1234 -cl OLTP -s odb6 -dh b29454cd-4804-41b7-b905-6e003bafdc10 -r ACFS

odacli register-database -c OLTP -s odb2 -t SI -o test=machine01 -sn testdb.domain-name.local -p

odacli update-cpucore -c 4
odacli update-dbhome -i <id> -v
odacli update-dcsagent -v
odacli update-server -v
odacli update-storage -v
odacli update-repository -f /opt/patch/

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli describe-component
System Version

Component                                Installed Version    Available Version
---------------------------------------- -------------------- --------------------
OAK                                         up-to-date
GI                                     up-to-date
DB {
[ OraDB11204_home2,OraDB11204_home3 ]
[ OraDB19000_home1 ]                   up-to-date
DCSAGENT                                    up-to-date
ILOM                                  up-to-date
BIOS                                      41060700              up-to-date
OS                                        7.7                   up-to-date
FIRMWARECONTROLLER                        QDV1RF30              up-to-date
FIRMWAREDISK                              0121                  up-to-date
HMP                                          up-to-date
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-databases

ID                                       DB Name    DB Type  DB Version           CDB        Class    Shape    Storage    Status        DbHomeID
---------------------------------------- ---------- -------- -------------------- ---------- -------- -------- ---------- ------------ ----------------------------------------
f29684dc-ed8f-4209-a152-c89f71d859dd     testdb1     Si      false      Oltp     Odb6     Acfs       Configured   f8605189-b272-4d7f-ae36-14209f9a2728
0e94936d-78df-494c-857b-afb787078892     testdb2     Si      false      Oltp     Odb4     Acfs       Configured   f8605189-b272-4d7f-ae36-14209f9a2728
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-dbhomes

ID                                       Name                 DB Version                               Home Location                                 Status
---------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ----------
f8605189-b272-4d7f-ae36-14209f9a2728     OraDB11204_home2                          /u01/app/oracle/product/     Configured
eb026ccf-b6f0-44f4-b850-d193587c6cbb     OraDB11204_home3                          /u01/app/oracle/product/     Configured
b29454cd-4804-41b7-b905-6e003bafdc10     OraDB19000_home1                          /u01/app/oracle/product/     Configured
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-dbstorages

ID                                       Type   DBUnique Name        Status
---------------------------------------- ------ -------------------- ----------
15937762-5cc3-4435-849f-270f2e1bbce0     Acfs   testdb1               Configured
49b58a85-b59b-496e-872d-faad380b6743     Acfs   testdb2             Configured
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-dgstorages

DiskGroup  Redundancy Physical Total Space Physical Reserved Space Physical Free Space  Logical Free Space
---------- ---------- -------------------- ----------------------- -------------------- ------------------

DATA       NORMAL     8.15 TB              0.0 MB                  4.74 TB              2.37 TB
RECO       NORMAL     3.49 TB              0.0 MB                  659.96 GB            329.98 GB

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-networks

ID                                     Name                 NIC          Interface Type  Subnet Mask        Gateway            VLAN ID  Node Networks
-------------------------------------- -------------------- ------------ --------------- ------------------ ------------------ -------- -----------------------
f67e4e17-bfef-417c-898a-2029d69022df   Private-network      priv0        INTERNAL                                [IP Address on node0: 192.168.xx.xx]
50037190-61e1-465f-8e06-7d150ed04467   Public-network       btbond1      BOND        192.168.xx.x                [IP Address on node0:]
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-networkinterfaces

ID                                       Name                 NIC           Type
---------------------------------------- -------------------- ------------- ----------
cbe883de-a941-409a-92cb-bab05967ddb9     btbond1              btbond1       BOND
611cb932-f327-4b43-ba78-2563c9d4fcaa     em1                  em1           PHYSICAL
fefe3cd2-0c20-4b9e-bb4b-bd667a182ad9     em2                  em2           PHYSICAL
981e36cb-4a30-47f4-8a23-1fbb76b90973     em3                  em3           PHYSICAL
5ac61f84-2214-4162-a0f8-679b7c7fdc6d     pubbr0               pubbr0        BOND
264f3b28-1205-471b-bc40-eed040570f96     priv0                priv0         INTERNAL
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-jobs

ID                                       Description                                                                 Created                             Status
---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------
ddcff51a-87b3-4634-ac86-fc11e3e94b67     Repository Update                                                           May 15, 2019 2:08:30 AM AST         Success
0ac2df20-3cc0-4972-b8a9-ce0f65b7091e     Provisioning service creation                                               May 15, 2019 2:42:32 AM AST         Success
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# 

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-cpucores

Node  Cores  Modified                       Job Status
----- ------ ------------------------------ ---------------
0     36     April 6, 2019 10:06:23 PM AST  Configured
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli list-prepatchreports

ID                                       Description                                                                 Created                             Status
---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------
a90bdf9b-88f3-44bf-9b4c-808079d86f56     Patch pre-checks for [OS, ILOM, GI]                                         November 12, 2020 9:24:30 AM AST    Success
4e9e4ae6-f3c6-42c2-847f-aed0d99deca1     Patch pre-checks for [OS, ILOM, GI]                                         November 22, 2020 5:20:10 PM AST    Success
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli describe-dbhome -i b29454cd-4804-41b7-b905-6e003bafdc10

DB Home details
                     ID: b29454cd-4804-41b7-b905-6e003bafdc10
                   Name: OraDB19000_home1
          Home Location: /u01/app/oracle/product/
                 Status: Configured
                Created: December 16, 2020 3:03:36 PM AST
       Database Edition: EE

You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli describe-dbstorage -i 15937762-5cc3-4435-849f-270f2e1bbce0
Database Storage details
                     ID: 15937762-5cc3-4435-849f-270f2e1bbce0
                DB Name: testdb1
          DBUnique Name: testdb1
         DB Resource ID: f29684dc-ed8f-4209-a152-c89f71d859dd
           Storage Type: ACFS
                         Location: /u02/app/oracle/oradata/ucasii
                       Used Space: 521.61 GB
                       Free Space: 18.38 GB
                         Location: /u03/app/oracle/redo/
                       Used Space: 160.11 GB
                       Free Space: 439.88 GB
                         Location: /u03/app/oracle/fast_recovery_area/
                       Used Space: 160.11 GB
                       Free Space: 439.88 GB
                  State: ResourceState(status=Configured)
                Created: July 23, 2019 12:18:59 PM AST
            UpdatedTime: July 23, 2019 12:20:20 PM AST
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli describe-prepatchreport -i a90bdf9b-88f3-44bf-9b4c-808079d86f56

Patch pre-check report
                 Job ID:  a90bdf9b-88f3-44bf-9b4c-808079d86f56
            Description:  Patch pre-checks for [OS, ILOM, GI]
                 Status:  SUCCESS
                Created:  November 12, 2020 9:24:30 AM AST
                 Result:  All pre-checks succeeded

Node Name

Pre-Check                      Status   Comments
------------------------------ -------- --------------------------------------
Validate supported versions     Success   Validated minimum supported versions
Validate patching tag           Success   Validated patching tag:
Is patch location available     Success   Patch location is available
Verify OS patch                 Success   Verified OS patch

Validate supported versions     Success   Validated minimum supported versions
Validate patching tag           Success   Validated patching tag:
Is patch location available     Success   Patch location is available
Checking Ilom patch Version     Success   Successfully verified the versions
Patch location validation       Success   Successfully validated location

Validate supported GI versions  Success   Validated minimum supported versions
Validate available space        Success   Validated free space under /u01
Verify DB Home versions         Success   Verified DB Home versions
Validate patching locks         Success   Validated patching locks
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odacli describe-networkinterface -i cbe883de-a941-409a-92cb-bab05967ddb9

Network Interface details
                     ID:  cbe883de-a941-409a-92cb-bab05967ddb9
                   Name:  btbond1
                    NIC:  btbond1
                   Type:  BOND
                Members:  em2 em3
        Slave Interface:  false
                Created:  August 30, 2022 8:40:13 PM AST

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#


odaadmcli show env_hw
odaadmcli show server
odaadmcli show storage
odaadmcli show disk
odaadmcli show diskgroup
odaadmcli show processor
odaadmcli show memory
odaadmcli show power
odaadmcli show cooling
odaadmcli show network

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show env_hw
BM ODA X7-2 Medium
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show server

        Power State              : On
        Open Problems            : 0
        Model                    : ODA X7-2M
        Type                     : Rack Mount
        Part Number              : ODA X7-2M
        Serial Number            : xxxxxxxxxx
        Primary OS               : Oracle Linux Server release 7.7
        ILOM Address             :
        ILOM MAC Address         : xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
        Description              : Oracle Database Appliance X7-2 Medium 1914XD302G
        Locator Light            : Off
        Actual Power Consumption : 291 watts
        Ambient Temperature      : 20.750 degree C
        Open Problems Report     : System is healthy
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show storage
==== BEGIN STORAGE DUMP ========
Host Description: Oracle Corporation:ORACLE SERVER X7-2
Total number of controllers: 2
        Id          = 0
        Pci Slot    = 100
        Serial Num  = PHLE849101T36P4OGN
        Vendor      = Intel
        Model       = 7335940:ICDPC2DD2ORA6.4T
        FwVers      = QDV1RF30
        strId       = nvme:19:00.00
        Pci Address = 19:00.0

        Id          = 1
        Pci Slot    = 101
        Serial Num  = PHLE852501KG6P4OGN
        Vendor      = Intel
        Model       = 7335940:ICDPC2DD2ORA6.4T
        FwVers      = QDV1RF30
        strId       = nvme:20:00.00
        Pci Address = 20:00.0

Total number of expanders: 0
Total number of PDs: 2
        /dev/nvme0n1    Intel             NVD 6401gb slot:  0  pci-addr : 19  7335940:ICDPC2DD2ORA6.4T
        /dev/nvme1n1    Intel             NVD 6401gb slot:  1  pci-addr : 20  7335940:ICDPC2DD2ORA6.4T
==== END STORAGE DUMP =========
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show disk
        NAME            PATH            TYPE            STATE           STATE_DETAILS

        pd_00           /dev/nvme0n1    NVD             ONLINE          Good
        pd_01           /dev/nvme1n1    NVD             ONLINE          Good
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show diskgroup
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show processor


        CPU_0 OK     -              SR3AX    P0 (CPU 0) Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6140 CP 2.300 GHz       18        NA
        CPU_1 OK     -              SR3AX    P1 (CPU 1) Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6140 CP 2.300 GHz       18        NA
You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show memory


        DIMM_0  OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01190652E2B7C4 P0/D0    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_11 OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409F3F P0/D1    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_12 OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409DAD P1/D0    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_14 OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409F3C P1/D2    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_16 OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409F45 P1/D4    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_19 OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409F49 P1/D7    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_2  OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01190652E2B861 P0/D2    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_21 OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409F03 P1/D9    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_23 OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409E7F P1/D1    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_4  OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01190652E2B840 P0/D4    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_7  OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01190652E2B78E P0/D7    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
        DIMM_9  OK     -              84GR7AFR4N-VK    00AD01185212409DC9 P0/D9    Hynix S      32 GB       2666 MHz       0
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show power


        Power_Supply_0  OK     -              7358600  465824T+1907D33571 PS0      Present     139 watts    20 degrees C    40.500 degree C
        Power_Supply_1  OK     -              7358600  465824T+1907D33577 PS1      Present     124 watts    21 degrees C    46.500 degree C
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show cooling


        Fan_0  OK     -              FM0      40 %  7700 RPM
        Fan_1  OK     -              FM0      39 %  6800 RPM
        Fan_10 OK     -              FM2      21 %  4100 RPM
        Fan_11 OK     -              FM2      23 %  4100 RPM
        Fan_12 OK     -              FM3      23 %  4400 RPM
        Fan_13 OK     -              FM3      22 %  3900 RPM
        Fan_14 OK     -              FM3      27 %  5200 RPM
        Fan_15 OK     -              FM3      26 %  4600 RPM
        Fan_2  OK     -              FM0      40 %  7800 RPM
        Fan_3  OK     -              FM0      40 %  6900 RPM
        Fan_4  OK     -              FM1      40 %  7800 RPM
        Fan_5  OK     -              FM1      38 %  6600 RPM
        Fan_6  OK     -              FM1      18 %  3500 RPM
        Fan_7  OK     -              FM1      17 %  3000 RPM
        Fan_8  OK     -              FM2      18 %  3400 RPM
        Fan_9  OK     -              FM2      18 %  3100 RPM
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# 

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# odaadmcli show network

        NAME           HEALTH   HEALTH_DETAILS                                    LOCATION PART_NO       MANUFACTURER MAC_ADDRESS        LINK_DETECTED DIE_TEMP

        Ethernet_NIC_0 OK       -                                                 NET0     i210          INTEL        00:10:E0:E9:67:1C  no (em1)      N/A
        Ethernet_NIC_1 OK       -                                                 NET1     BCM57417      Broadcom     00:10:E0:E9:67:1D  yes (em2)     N/A
        Ethernet_NIC_2 OK       -                                                 NET2     BCM57417      Broadcom     00:10:E0:E9:67:1E  yes (em3)     N/A
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#


The virtual shell, or virsh, is a flexible command-line utility for managing virtual machines (VMs) controlled by libvirt, It’s the default management tool for Linux kernel-based virtual machines (KVMs)
By using virsh, you can quickly connect to a server using secure shell (SSH) and perform operations on your VMs without access to a graphical interface.

virsh list –all

virsh start vm_adhoc
virsh shutdown vm_adhoc
virsh reboot vm_adhoc
virsh suspend vm_adhoc
virsh resume vm_adhoc
virsh destroy vm_adhoc < Force Shutdown the guest
virsh undefine vm_adhoc < Deleting a virtual machine (
virsh autostart generic
virsh autostart vm_adhoc –disable
virsh console vm_adhoc

virsh net-list
virsh net-info default
virsh net-dumpxml default
virsh net-edit default

virsh dominfo vm_adhoc
virsh domrename generic oelvm1
virsh domuuid vm_adhoc

virsh domblklist vm_adhoc –details
virsh domblkinfo vm_adhoc vda
virsh domblkstat vm_adhoc vda –human
virsh domblkerror vm_adhoc

virsh domiflist vm_adhoc
virsh domifstat vm_adhoc vnet1

virsh dommemstat vm_adhoc

virsh pool-define-as kvm_adhoc –type dir –target /kvm_repos/vm_adhoc

virsh pool-start kvm_adhoc
virsh pool-autostart kvm_adhoc
virsh pool-refresh kvm_adhoc

virsh pool-list –details
virsh pool-list –all –details
virsh vol-list –pool kvm_adhoc
virsh vol-list –pool kvm_adhoc –details

virsh pool-info kvm_adhoc
virsh vol-info –pool kvm_adhoc vmadhoc1-1.img
virsh vol-info /kvm_repos/vm_adhoc/vmadhoc1-1.img

virsh pool-destroy kvm_oelvm3
virsh pool-delete kvm_oelvm3
virsh pool-undefine kvm_oelvm3

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh list --all
 Id   Name          State
1    vm_adhoc      running

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh dominfo vm_adhoc
Id:             1
Name:           vm_adhoc
UUID:           81f13dc1-e238-005f-e62c-6ac5553a27b7
OS Type:        hvm
State:          running
CPU(s):         2
CPU time:       12110035.8s
Max memory:     31457280 KiB
Used memory:    31457280 KiB
Persistent:     yes
Autostart:      disable
Managed save:   no
Security model: none
Security DOI:   0

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh domblklist vm_adhoc  --details
 Type   Device   Target   Source
 file   disk     vda      /kvm_repos/vm_adhoc/vmadhoc1-1.img
 file   disk     vdb      /kvm_repos/vm_adhoc/vmadhoc1-2.img
 file   cdrom    hdc      /kvm_repos/V978757-01.iso

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh domblkinfo vm_adhoc vda
Capacity:       32212254720
Allocation:     22008709120
Physical:       22005678080

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh domblkstat vm_adhoc vda --human
Device: vda
 number of read operations:      12862424
 number of bytes read:           806535299584
 number of write operations:     68212478
 number of bytes written:        1112377097216
 number of flush operations:     13069471
 total duration of reads (ns):   3953355088383
 total duration of writes (ns):  50330896772412
 total duration of flushes (ns): 138687704065

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh domblkerror vm_adhoc
No errors found

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh domiflist vm_adhoc
 Interface   Type     Source   Model     MAC
 vnet1       bridge   pubbr0   rtl8139   52:54:00:9b:71:fc

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#  virsh domifstat vm_adhoc vnet1
vnet1 rx_bytes 97433224100784
vnet1 rx_packets 92883218358
vnet1 rx_errs 0
vnet1 rx_drop 0
vnet1 tx_bytes 86548601029706
vnet1 tx_packets 65561778473
vnet1 tx_errs 0
vnet1 tx_drop 0

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh dommemstat vm_adhoc
actual 31457280
swap_in 0
last_update 1661180074
rss 31484052

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh pool-list --all --details
 Name           State     Autostart   Persistent   Capacity     Allocation   Available
 default        running   yes         yes          29.40 GiB    14.62 GiB    14.79 GiB
 kvm_adhoc      running   yes         yes          200.00 GiB   101.04 GiB   98.96 GiB
 kvm_repos      running   yes         yes          200.00 GiB   101.04 GiB   98.96 GiB

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh vol-list --pool kvm_adhoc --details
 Name             Path                                 Type   Capacity    Allocation
 vmadhoc1-1.img   /kvm_repos/vm_adhoc/vmadhoc1-1.img   file   30.00 GiB   20.50 GiB
 vmadhoc1-2.img   /kvm_repos/vm_adhoc/vmadhoc1-2.img   file   35.00 GiB   33.34 GiB

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh pool-info kvm_adhoc
Name:           kvm_adhoc
UUID:           b7cf006e-1f36-ea85-364e-9529a5cd3afc
State:          running
Persistent:     yes
Autostart:      yes
Capacity:       200.00 GiB
Allocation:     101.04 GiB
Available:      98.96 GiB

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh vol-info --pool kvm_adhoc vmadhoc1-1.img
Name:           vmadhoc1-1.img
Type:           file
Capacity:       30.00 GiB
Allocation:     20.50 GiB

You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
[root@oda-prod01 ~]# virsh vol-info /kvm_repos/vm_adhoc/vmadhoc1-1.img
Name:           vmadhoc1-1.img
Type:           file
Capacity:       30.00 GiB
Allocation:     20.50 GiB

[root@oda-prod01 ~]#


The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines through libvirt. It primarily targets KVM VMs. It presents a summary of running domains, their live performance & resource utilization statistics. Wizards enable the creation of new domains, configuration & adjustment of a domain’s resource allocation & virtual hardware. An embedded VNC and SPICE client viewer presents a full graphical console to the guest domain.

This document is only for learning purposes and always validate in the LAB environment first before applying in the LIVE environment.

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