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Important Technical Links Powered by DBsGuru

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DBsGuru is a group of experienced DBA professionals and serves the database and its related community by providing technical blogs, projects, training. Technical blogs are the source of vast information not about databases but its related product like middleware, PL/SQL, replication methodology, and so on. We are on the lookout for opportunities to expand further and work on all sorts of challenges that may come our way. At DBsGuru, we are encouraging anyone who wants to share their technical proficiency, connect with an audience and discuss various challenges which we may face in our day-to-day work. Our purpose is to spread these concepts and deepen the ideas about the rapidly changing skills.


Our Rank# 8 in Category Oracle Dated 08th Apr 2021 & Rank# 24 in Category Database Dated 10th Mar 2022.


First of all, our team would like to express gratitude to our viewers, subscribers & authors.  We started this platform in mid of August 2020 with a view to collaborating experts and budding skilled persons to dive into any technical topic and share their technical expertise to bring new ideas to the surface. We have been awarded a position in the top Oracle blogger rank 08 (Top 10) dated 08th April 2022 under the category Top 100 Oracle Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2021 and rank 24 (Top 30) dated 10th March 2022 in Top 90 Database Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2021. Our motto is to Share, Learn and Grow! 


Team DBsGuru certified in OCA, OCP, CLOUD, RAC, GOLDENGATE, etc.

Our Authors

Sruti Banerjee:
 Sruti is having experience of 3 years as an Oracle DBA. She has good interpersonal skills that can help in attaining the desired level of team coordination, self-starter & a quick learner. She is having rich experience in Oracle database management, Backup and Recovery, Security, Installation, Up-gradation, Patching, Migration, Cloning of databases, Dataguard (Physical), and a wide range of other databases administration activities.

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Jamsher Khan:
Jamsher is working as a Senior Oracle DBA based in KSA-Jeddah, He shares his technical expertise in Oracle DBA, SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSQL, Linux, Golden Gate, ODA.

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Team DBsGuru:
Our internal team of editors and writers is always striving hard to make sure all your doubts and queries get answered and you never get stuck for a single moment due to lack of expertise.

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DBsGuru has always been a platform for open, innovative, and challenging topics regarding any database domain like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and any other emerging technologies. We accept many contributions to DBsGuru. Every contributing article will be reviewed by our team editors before it is published. If your contribution to DBsGuru doesn’t meet our guidelines or parameters, the editors will work with you to provide feedback that may allow you to hone your article to our way of writing.

If you’d like to learn more about contributing to DBsGuru, head over to REGISTRATION, and sign up to submit your work directly to our editors.


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