Oracle Critical Database Patch ID for October 2023 along with enabled Download Link

An Essential/Critical Patch Update could be a collection of patches for multiple security vulnerabilities. These patches address vulnerabilities in Oracle code and third-party elements enclosed in Oracle merchandise. These patches are sometimes additive, however every informative describes only the protection patches intercalary since the previous essential Patch Update informative.

Below is the list of Oracle Critical Patch IDs for all versions (21c, 19c) of Grid & Databases along with combo PSU, EXADATA, and SUPERCLUSTER patch IDs for October 2023. All patch IDs are enabled with the direct download link.

Version 21c (

Patch IDDatabase ReleasePatch TypeAvailable Date (ETA)
3573801021. (UNIX)30.OCT.2023
3574025821. (UNIX)30.OCT.2023
35744850Q FULL STACK 21.12.0 (Oct.2023)EXADATA (LINUX 64 BIT)25.OCT.2023
3568161721. WINDOWS BP (32 & 64 BIT)30.OCT.2023
3574025821. (UNIX)30.OCT.2023
21c: Oracle Critical Patches Oct, 23

Version 19c (

Patch ID Database ReleasePatch TypeAvailable Date (ETA)
3574244119. OJVM plus GRID (UNIX)25.OCT.2023
3564282219. (UNIX)AVAILABLE
35742413 OJVM plus DATABASE (UNIX)25.OCT.2023
3564310719. (UNIX)AVAILABLE
3568155219. WINDOWS BP (32 & 64 BIT)30.OCT.2023
35742369Q FULL STACK 19.21.0 (Oct.2023)
35746077Q Full Stack SuperCluster (Q4.2023)SOLARIS SPARC 64-Bit01.DEC.2023
3564811019. (All Platform)AVAILABLE
3564310719. (UNIX)AVAILABLE
3568155219. WINDOWS CLIENT(32 & 64 BIT)30.OCT.2023
19c: Oracle Critical Patches Oct, 23

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The next four dates for Critical Patch Updates are:

  • 16th January 2024
  • 16th Apr 2024
  • 16th Jul 2024
  • 15th Oct 2024

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Key points to remember:

**All patch IDs are enabled with the direct download link.
**To download patches you need valid credentials of Oracle support/Metalink.

**All patch IDs are provided by Oracle, visit DOC ID 2966413.1

**Most patches are revealed for platform Linux except Exadata and Supercluster, a few platforms are to be revealed soon, refer to the above tables for ETA.

**21c does not have COMBO or OJVM patches. Instead, the OJVM fixes are contained within the DB RU and the GU RU patches.
**Team DBsGuru is not chargeable for patch transfer/download to apply or any error occurs while the patch applies, so transfer/download the proper patch for the desired version and platform.

** Oracle client home patch ID is the same patch ID as Oracle database server home-specific platform UNIX or WINDOWS i.e applicable on both.

**Always suggest reviewing patch readme, specific to patch ID before applying.

**Feel free to reach us for any help/suggestion required on the patch, drop your valuable concerns/suggestions within the comment/chat section.
**Click here to get patch delivery methods for and greater (Doc ID 2337415.1).
**Click here to get patch delivery methods for and order (Doc ID Note 1962125.1).

**Beginning with the October 2022 patching cycle, 19c RURs will no longer be provided for 19.17.0 and above. No additional RURs will be delivered on any platform after the delivery of Oracle Database 19c RUR 19.16.2 in January 2023. Refer to Sunsetting of 19c RURs and FAQ (Note 2898381.1) for further details.

**Frequent access to recommended and well-tested collections of patches, Oracle is introducing Monthly Recommended Patches (MRPs) starting in Nov 2022. MRPs are supported only on the Linux x86-64 platform. Refer to Introducing Monthly Recommended Patches (MRPs) and FAQ (Note 2898740.1) for more details.

**Feel free to reach us for any help/suggestion required on the patch, drop your valuable concerns/suggestions within the comment/chat section.

This document is just for learning purposes and always validate in the LAB environment first before applying it in the LIVE environment.

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