Similarities Between Oracle and PostgreSQL 5 (1)

Similarities Between Oracle & PostgreSQL In this blog, we will compare similarities between Oracle & PostgreSQL in terms of Memory, Process, Files, General architecture, etc. COMPONENTS ORACLE POSTGRESQL Architecture: Memory Shared Global Area (SGA) Shared Memory DB buffer cache Shared buffer Log Buffer WAL (Write Ahead Log) Buffer Private Global Area (PGA) Work Memory Architecture: […]

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Tablespaces in PostgreSQL 0 (0)

Tablespaces in PostgreSQL A tablespace allows superusers to define an alternative location on the file system where the data files containing database objects (such as tables and indexes) can reside. The tablespace name must be distinct from the name of any existing tablespace in the database cluster. PostgreSQL uses a tablespace to map a logical […]

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Vacuum and Autovacuum in PostgreSQL 5 (1)

Vacuum and Autovacuum in PostgreSQL In this article, we will understand the detailed concept of Vacuum & Autovacuum along with practical examples of the same. Vacuum Whenever we run an UPDATE command, the system does not change the actual data, but it inserts new data in reference to the old data and mark the row […]

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Postgresql Architecture – Physical Storage Structure 5 (1)

Postgresql Architecture – Physical Storage Structure In this blog, we will discuss PostgreSQL architecture of physical storage which can be categorized in below four part: 1. Data Directory 2. Physical Files 3. Data file layout (OID) 4. Database Structure 1. Data Directory Specifies the directory to use for data storage. This parameter can only be […]

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Postgresql Architecture – Process 5 (1)

Postgresql Architecture – Process In the previous blog, we looked at Memory Components in PostgreSql, Click here to read more. In this post we will discuss the Process of PostgreSQL, Processes in PostgreSQL can be divided mainly into 4 types: 1. Postmaster (Daemon) Process 2. Background (Utility) Process 3. Backend Process 4. Client Process 1. […]

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PostgreSQL Architecture – Memory Components 5 (1)

PostgreSQL Architecture – Memory Components In this post we will discuss Memory Components of PostgreSQL, Memory Components in PostgreSQL can be divided mainly into two category memory region 1). Shared Memory 2). Process Memory or Backend Memory Shared Memory Shared Memory: Shared Memory refers to the memory reserved for database caching and transaction log caching. […]

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