Oracle Database 21c Available Innovation Release

Oracle Database 21c is the most latest version released by Oracle which is an innovation release where it’s available only for Premier Support (PS) till 30th Jun 2023. In the currently available release, Oracle 19c is a long-term supported database by Oracle where it will support till 30th April 2027  which is including Extended Supports(ES). Below is the support matrix for 19c and 21c.

VersionPremier support (PS)Extended Support (ES)
21c Innovation Release30th Jun 2023, Errors correction plus patching.Not available.
19c Long Term Release30th Apr 2024, Errors correction plus patching.30th Apr 2027, additional fees will be applicable.

Database 21c Innovation releases contain many more new enhancements along with new capacity which will be probably added in the next long-term release.

Oracle Database 21c Availability

Currently, database 21c Innovation Release is available in Always Free Autonomous Database and Database Cloud Services. Follow the below matrix for the available region of 21c.

Always Free Autonomous DatabaseAshburn (US East), Phoenix (US West),
London (UK South), Frankfurt (Germany Central).
Database Cloud ServicesIn VM available for RAC or Single-instance, In Bare Metal available for Single-instance only.

There is good news that a new release 21c is going to be available soon on-premises platforms probably by mid of 2021 and additionally 21c client available for download. Follow the below list:

ExadataLinux x86-64Microsoft Windows x64
1st Half (in between Jan to Jun) 20211st Half (in between Jan to Jun) 20211st Half (in between Jan to Jun) 2021

Rest of all other public cloud and on-premises platform release date to be announced soon or later for Database Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud Service, Oracle Database Appliance, Supercluster, Oracle Solaris SPARC (64-bit), HP-UC Itanium, IBM AIX on POWER systems, IBM Linux on System z.

Oracle Database 21c Documentation

You have here available complete documentations on Oracle Database 21c.

Oracle Database 21c New Features

In 21c Database, New Features renamed to “Learning Database New Features“.

Oracle Grid Infrastructure SwitchHome

Read-Only Oracle Home Default

Only the CDB (Multitenant) Architecture is supported in 21c.

Cache Fusion Hardening (RAC)

Oracle Data Pump Parallelizes Transportable Tablespace Metadata Operations (DATAPUMP)

And many more follow new features documentation.

Oracle Database 21c Upgrade

You can upgrade to 21c databases using various methods like DBUA, Autoupgrade, Parallel Upgrade, etc. Below is the release/version to direct upgrade to 21c.

Source Release (Version)Upgrade Options
19c (All version), 18c (All version), 12cR2 ( upgrade to Oracle database 21c

List of intermediate databases release upgrade to 21c.

Source Release (Version)Upgrade Options,,, upgrade to release 12cR2 ( then upgrade to 21c,,, or upgrade to release or 12.1 then upgrade to release 12cR2 ( then upgrade to 21c.

Above all information collectively gathered from various sources of Oracle documentation, we will update it according to Oracle’s announcement. Below are some important links for Oracle Database 21c which help you in learning and technically grow.


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